Saturday, January 26, 2019

Game Over!

I love these signs! You see them at trail heads, visitor centers, a mountain pass or just about any place that someone wants to know "where they are." The answer is always staring them right in the face:
I have had more than a few people enquire as to what is next? "What are you going to do now?" Most are surprised to learn that this resolution/adventure is done! Truth is (as I said back when this blog was created) it was a simple New Years Resolution. 2008 is over and with it comes the end of the resolution itself. To continue it in some cheap attempt to "make it better" or "keep it going" would not only be lame but (in my opinion) disrespectful to the entire resolution itself! I was in a dark place at the end of 2007. The death of a parent is a major blow in a person's life and those of you who have been through it know exactly what I mean! This resolution brought me out of that darkness and into the light. How could I ask any more of it? I have a couple simple resolutions for 2009 but they are not "blog worthy" by any means. If you read all or any part of this blog, thank you! We are all part of the same "journey" after all. May we all continue to read the signs:

I have decided that the most important "resolution" I can make in 2009 is to obey the sign. Just BE HERE NOW! Wake up every day and realize that I am here. You are here. We are here. What we are to become or what we have been will never compare to what we are now! Society keeps trying to teach me how to prepare for my future. Nature keeps telling me it does not matter. My 2008 New Years Resolution taught me that both are right.
I am alive! I am HERE!


Anonymous said...
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Christopher Maloy said...

Carpi Diem!!!

I agree.

Cindy said...

Wondered where you were. I found my old friend as he is finding himself. Hope all is well.

Cindy (Cindal) Remember?